Lignite Oil Delivers
Petroleum Products
to Western North Dakota
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Serving Western North Dakota Industrial and Farm since 1970
Lignite Oil Provides Bulk Diesel Fuel and Gasoline to Oil, Commercial and Agriculture Industries
Lignite Oil has Certified Propane Drivers
able to Safely Deliver Propane
Oils & Lubricants
Lignite Oil Delivers Bulk Quantities of Oils, Lubricants and Methanol for Many Applications
"Serving many FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES in the Bakken"
Oils & Lubricants
Lignite Oil Carries Many Brands Including Mobil, Chevron, Total, Cam2 and more
Ajax & Compressor Oils
Industrial & Automotive Oils
Hydraulic & Transmission Fluids
Methanol & Solvents
Antifreeze & Greases
DEF & Winshield Wash
$Competitive Pricing
Convience Store
Monday - Saturday 6am-8pm | Sunday 9am-5pm
24 Hour Credit Card Pumps
Oil, Antifreeze, Wiper Blades, etc.
Dyed Diesel Pump
Blue Rhino Propane Exchange
Pizza and Deli Express Sandwiches
Lottery Tickets
Call (701)-933-2386